Large size metal stamping

In 2002, Officine RISTORI S.p.A set up a large investment program aimed at providing a better response to more exacting market demands, with the installation of a new cold-stamping division for large-sized products. This includes largescale hydraulic, mechanical, and double action press lines, ranging from 400 to 1000 tons for dedicated deep drawing processes, and for panel stamping for cars, scooters and commercial vehicles.

Our workshop is equipped with a transfer press for high-volume automatic production.

Years of experience and technical knowhow have taught the company how to provide the best assistance for its customers in developing new products by offering personal expertise in project design and construction of medium and large-sized equipment.

Small-sized metal stamping

Alongside the previous division is another department dedicated to small-sized cold-stamped pieces; the department is equipped with hydraulic and mechanical presses with a capacity up to 400 tons, including 7 automatic strip feeding presses.

This division mainly produces semi-finished articles in sheet metal of various types and thickness destined for assembly in the welding department. These are used to manufacture complete frames/chassis in steel and aluminium, handlebars, engine mounts and a range of other components. High precision quality control is carried out at all stages of the productive process because of the criticality levels of certain products.