The origin

Officine Ristori S.p.A. was set up in 1968 as an independent metal-working company.
The two founding partners Enrico and Enza Ristori, gradually expanded the company to include metal pressing and component assembly, and after a few years were well established in the field of components for two and three-wheeled motor vehicles and for commercial and industrial vehicles.

The company's maturation

Determination and professional expertise, combined with consistent investment has confirmed the company's leading position among Italian and international metal working industries, satisfying requirements in a market which has become increasingly more demanding in terms of quality and reliability.


Officine Ristori has acquired years of experience and productive expertise in this field, and today it is able to engineer, manufacture and produce all types of components for motor vehicles in extremely rapid production times. All finished products are subject to precision debugging as well as accurate quality controls.

The Officine RISTORI company has a productive surface of 50.000 square metres, 25.000 of which are under cover.

The company customer portfolio includes famous industrial names such as PIAGGIO & C. S.p.A. (synonymous with Italian design throughout the world) tangible proof of the company's top technological and industrial standards.


In 1997 Officine RISTORI S.p.A. obtained UNI EN ISO 9002 certification and later UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification issued by CERMET certification body.

This demonstrates the company's commitment to quality levels in spite of the wide variety of its customers' production requirements.

Officine RISTORI has invested in specialisation courses for personnel as well as measuring and control instruments for raw materials and finished products. The company has become a reference point for products requiring quality certification.

Other company investments include (POLI-DEA-COORD) three dimensional control systems, traction testing and welding penetration analysis, as well as dedicated functional testing systems for certain CF1D components according to customer specifications, microscopes, welding-boxes (WPS Recording) and a wide variety of manual measuring instruments.

The Officine RISTORI key company philosophy is based on manufacturing top quality products and using traceability methods to guarantee quality in time.